A Closer Look at Binsearch

I have always been a newsgroups user as it's a great way to gain information and files. However, without sites like Binsearch, it wouldn't be that easy so here is my brief review.

Binsearch is actually a free site that enables the user to search Usenet and generate NZB files which are like torrents. To date, the portal permits around 900 binary searches daily. The limit is set so as to moderate the flow of usage in the portal.

Simple to use

The good thing about Binsearch is that it is very easy to use. There is no need for you to devote much time in figuring out how it works. As such, you can easily set out to do your task in a matter of seconds.

Have SSL connection

Some Usenet search portals do not allow connection via SSL. It is for this reason that you can very well find versatility in Binsearch. This particular feature is not very common for other Usenet sites.

NZB files creation

Enough said about this feature. Other free portals do not provide such a feature because of the accompanying costs. If you are after uploading and downloading NZB files via free accounts, then Binsearch is definitely the right one for you. Make sure you check out the best Usenet provider of 2016 if retention becomes an issue.


There are other free Usenet portals that is not able to retain information and service for a continuous period of time. Binsearch has already proven its reliability in this aspect. It has continuously been available for usage for the past years. You can vouch for its quality service.

The competition among Usenet portals is actually stiff. However, such a condition provides people with the advantage of being offered only the best of the best in services.

You can visit Binsearch by clicking on any of the websites below. I recommend you get an Usenet server trial so you can find out which one suits you the most before spending any money.